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Wedding Lakeside Adventure Centre Crosby

Crosby was today’s wedding destination. The day started with the pre-wedding preparations at the bride’s home in Liverpool. There was plenty of excitement, laughter as all the girls got ready. When hair and makeup was finished it was time for Kimberley to be fitted into her wedding dress. She wore a long figure fitted dress and she looked beautiful. Her bridesmaids and flower girls looked lovey too all dressed in lemon yellow and white. When everyone was ready we all headed to St Luke’s Church in Crosby. Inside the church, Andrew was waiting at the top of the aisle with his best man beside him. First to walk down the wedding aisle was the bridesmaids with the flower girls and then followed by Kimberley linked arm in arm to her dad. Andrews face lit up when he saw how beautiful Kimberley looked. Everyone watched on has Kimberley and Andrew said their wedding vows to each other and became Mr and Mrs Hyslop. 

Wedding Photographs Crosby Beech

After the ceremony, we did a few photos outside the church and then everyone headed to the wedding reception that was held at the Lakeside adventure centre in Crosby. It was an ideal location for a wedding and a Perfect backdrop for the photographs. After all the traditional wedding photographs had been taken it was straight into the wedding breakfast. All the speeches went well with lots of laughter and applause. The cutting of the wedding cake was perfect and the first dance soon came around. Mr and Mrs Hyslop took to the dance floor while a live band played. it was time to leave as the party was in full flow. It was a real pleasure to be part of Kimberley and Andrews day, they are a lovely couple with a great set of friends and a lovely family.  Thank you for making me feel so welcome on your special day.


Wedding Lakeside Adventure Centre Crosby

Kimberley having red lipstick put on
White Satin bridal shoes
wedding makeup
Flower girls in a convertable wedding car
Traditional church wedding
Groom and his little boy
Group wedding photo
bride and groom wedding photo on Crisbly beech
Wedding Lakeside Adventure Centre Crosby
Groom kissing his son
Wedding image taken on Crosby beech
Wedding Party Reception DJ
Live wedding band singer
Kimberley and Andrew wedding dance

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Crosby Lakeside Adventure is a contemporary wedding venue. It sits on a romantic marine front so the backdrop for your wedding photographs is amazing.  If you are getting married and are looking for a wedding photographer then please get in touch.

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