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I am committed to protecting and safeguarding the privacy of my visitors. My policy below will explain to you what will happen to any personal data that you provide to me or what is collected from you while you visit my website Marcia’s wedding photography.

  • Firstly, details are taken from how many people will visit my website. Nothing from this is personal data its data that is analysed anonymously by Google Analytics. I use this information to improve my website, Marketing, and SEO rankings.
  • Any information you tell me by email or by using my website contact form, like when you inquire about my wedding services, I will use this data to answer your question and or provide you with the information you have asked for. This data is stored securely in my yahoo account. It will only be accessed by me. I will delete this after three months if you have not booked me to be your photographer.
  • If you sign up to receive any of my email, Offers or newsletters I will ask you for your name and an email address. I will use MailChimp to deliver these emails. When you sign up you will receive an email asking if you would like to subscribe. This will be a requirement and show the proof that it is you who as signed up. I will keep this data indefinitely, but you can opt-out any time by clicking the unsubscribe link that you will find in my newsletter. The newsletter uses tracking pixels too which will allow me to see my results example is how many of my emails were opened and if any links were after clicked on. This helps Marcia’s Wedding Photography to make better and future newsletters more interesting and useful for you.
  • I may display any photographs to promote my photography business Marcia’s wedding photography. I will use them on my wedding blog, throughout my website and on social media such as FB and Instagram, etc Advertising, brochures, magazine articles, and other such material providing that the photographic images used are used lawfully and without damage to Marcia’s wedding photography clients(s). I also may use the images for wedding blog features. When you book me to be your wedding photographer I will sit down and do a wedding consultation with you, so I will go through all the above with you in person. If you do not want me to display your photo and say you don’t want a photograph to be used on my blog etc please just let me know and I will remove it off.
  • At your wedding, I will have a second photographer photographing with me. I will give them the use of there own photographs to use on their website. They are not allowed to make money or sell these images to anyone else. They are not allowed to pass onto any third partners, Any wedding, or blogs. When I have a wedding consultation with you I will explain this to you.


  • Cookies are small files saved to your computer, which help make your users experience better. You are in total control of your cookies you can switch them on and off in the setting of your browser. However, some modern websites will not function well without the use of cookies Anything I collect is for my use by me or a trusted supplier who will help to deliver my products and services.
  • I will have no need to give out any information that you trust and supply to me. I would only do this if I have to for any legal reason. I will also not sell any information or data to anyone. By you giving your information you are permitting me to use it as I have detailed and described in the above information. You can ask me to see your data or to amend anything that is incorrect or maybe out of date. Or just ask me to delete it at any time.

I update my policy from time to time. Please occasionally keep checking so you are aware of any latest policy changes that I make.

If you have any questions about the above, then, please 

Last updated in May 2022.

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