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Tips & Tricks for Your Wedding Day

Tip 1:

Do a trial run of your makeup and hair. Both of you! If you can, photograph yourselves with trial hair and makeup to see how it shows up on camera. Then, make any appropriate adjustments.

Tip 2:

Choose all the appropriate undergarments for your big day. From your crinoline slip to your bustier to shapewear, what you’re wearing underneath your gorgeous dress matters.

Tip 3:

Relax. I know it’s easier said than done, but when you’re relaxed and happy, that makes for some gorgeous photographs!

Tip 4:

Be mindful of your posture. When I’m posing you for your formals, I have no problem reminding people to stand up straight. However, I can’t exactly interrupt the ceremony should I notice slouching!

Tip 5:

Don’t be afraid to laugh or show emotion. This is your wedding day! Emotion is good!

Tip 6:

Trust me. I’m here to help pose you so that you look your absolute best in every single photo. I’ll make sure you’re in the best light, posed the best way and against the best backgrounds for all your pictures.

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