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Why You Won’t Regret Doing An Engagement Photoshoot

Congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting time for the two of you. After you’re done telling family and friends about your engagement story over and over, it’s time to start planning. As I recommend, start from the very beginning. An engagement session is terrific to have keepsake photos, ‘Save The Date’ cards, or to be displayed at your wedding reception. Regardless, it is a must-need and here are a few other reasons why:

Becoming comfortable with your photographer. You will be spending time with them for part of the day, and you will have a sense of what to expect come the day of your wedding. You will grow closer to them and get to know their personality and who they are more. It is much easier to relax and be in front of the camera with someone you have been around before.

Vice-versa, your photographer gets to know you! Professional photographers are intuitive, and they generally know what to expect. It becomes a huge benefit when they get to know what their clients prefer and their personal style. They have a chance to understand what each of you like separately and together as a couple.

Be creative. An engagement shoot is an excellent opportunity to have images captured of you and your fiancé(e) in a different style other than at your wedding. There is so much freedom when it comes to locations! It can be in a library where you two first met, a winery where you shared your first glass, a run-in at the dog park, or a picnic on the beach. 

Because it is so much fun! Make it a date between the two of you and have fun.

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